Trewado 500kW/1MWh User-side Energy Storage Solution Project Launching

On June 10, 2023, The 500kW/1MWh User-side Energy Storage Solution Project provided by Trewado with EPC services was successfully grid-tied, marking that Trewado’s capabilities of commercial & industrial energy storage solution projects in terms of assessment, design, construction, and other competencies, as well as the maturity and further scaling-up of the supply chain.

Grid Connect System with Battery Storage

Once the project is completed and comes into operation, it will fully take advantage of the energy consumption by adopting the operation modes of Peak shaving and valley filling of power consumption based on the current capacity of the system and the current sales price of electricity.

The successful grid-tied energy storage power plant will lessen the tension of customer company’s electricity consumption in summer peak, significantly cut cost reduction, and improve efficiency while playing a positive role in supporting the implementation of the Dual Carbon strategic objective of creating green manufacturing, green factory, and green enterprise.

Post time: Oct-20-2023