Commercial & Industrial Battery Energy Storage Solution

Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Solution

C&I Storage Systems

An energy storage system is a large-scale energy storage solution that is typically used in commercial, industrial, and utility applications. Such systems can store and dispense large amounts of electrical energy, making them useful for a variety of purposes, including grid management, peak shaving, renewable energy integration, and backup power.

Safety and Reliability

Precise thermal management is designed  to ensure the stability of the battery system. IP 55 rated and C4 anti-corrosion.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Higher efficiency and longer battery cycle life thanks to advanced liquid-cooling technology. Highly scalable flexibility according to your needs.

Smart and Powerful

Robust design combined with friendly intelligence for maximum availability. Smart control system provides operation state details.


Pre-integrated ESS for easy installation, commission and ease of maintenance. Provide high availability and efficiency.